Friday, April 21, 2017

Venous lake 2 week healing

How does a venous lake heal?  Venous lake 2 week healing

Want to know what venous lake 2 week healing looks like?  Check out our photo below or click the link at the bottom for more before and after venous lake lesions.

A little history of our treatment of the venous lake.

We have been treating venous lakes lesions for over 6 years now and are having very good success.  This is a new treatment thus we can not say for sure that the lesions will never return but it appears in that at the 5 year mark we have complete elimination for a high percentage of our patients.  Only about 5% of the patients have needed a second treatment to date.  My guess is that at the 5 year mark that number may be closer to 10% as the years pass.

How quickly does a venous lake heal?

The primary factor in how quickly the venous lake will heal is how deep it is.  Although the depth and width do usually correspond that is not always the case.  The healing process is very similar to a burn and is usually in between a first and second degree burn in terms of healing.  For a smaller venous lake, again by smaller I really mean shallower, you can expect more of a first or minor second degree burn. For a deeper and larger venous lake expect a second degree burn healing time.  Similar to a second degree burn we expect your venous lake lesion to heal in 2-3 weeks.  However, a larger lesion may take longer.  During the healing process the area does not look very nice.  In fact it typically looks worse during the healing process.

Medium size venous lake 2 week healing on a recent patient.

Unlike most of our patients, Greg didn’t have to travel far to see us.  I would classify his lesion as a medium size venous lake.  Remember this sizing has more to do with how deep it is than how wide it is.

venous lake 2 week healing

Venous lake 2 week healing

Overall he is very happy with his results.  I typically ask patients to send a photo to us at 3 weeks but Greg was thrilled with his 2 weeks results.  A lesion like this I really do not expect to recur at all but can only speak to our treatments 5 year success rates.  To see more of our venous lake treatments click the link here or go to our venous lake page.


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tooth tattoo

Interested in getting a tooth tattoo

A tooth tattoo is not actually a tattoo on your tooth but rather artwork that is part a dental crown or dental veneer.  The artwork gets painted onto a dental crown before finishing firing the porcelain.  A dentist will usually, but not always, need to get you numb.  Next the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing some of the outside layer of the tooth structure.  The steps are not any different than the steps a dentist takes to create a dental crown.  The difference is the artist making the crown paints the tattoo before baking the porcelain crown.

We have a video on the first phase of treatment on our dental crown page.   The second phase for you are a patient is when you return to get your artwork.  We cement the dental crown in after verifying the fit.  After that you are done!

tooth tattoo

Want to know the tooth tattoo cost?

In our office the fee has a range that depends on how complex the image you want is and how many colors the image has.  The more complex the more it costs and the more colors cost more as well.  It’s important to try to keep the image simple as possible.  This is because the image will be very small and thus will be hard to see if made too intricate.  The fee ranges from about $1,600 to $2,000.  This fee is for a tooth tattoo on a single crown or veneer and includes the price of the crown or veneer.

To see what a crown or veneer costs in your area we recommend you check out the fair health consumer website. The dental code you need to type in is D2740.  Since most people are doing this for a tooth that needs a crown, dental insurance will cover some of this fee.  However, any insurance will cover the fee at a much lower percentage as they will not pay anything towards the up charge for the art work.  Our up charge from a single unit veneer is about $100-500.  These prices are 2017 fees.

What kind of artwork can you have on your tooth tattoo?

You can have anything you want as a tooth tattoo.  However, the art must be simple enough to show on a very small surface area.  Logos are probably the easiest thing to do.


Many labs offer tooth tattoos but I like one particular artist.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Protected: Dental Staff Training

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Science Journals

What dental journals can we trust?

To be improved on later.


Science based medicine is a nice website with many articles trying to eliminate the emotional and irrational side of the human thought process.  The dentistry section is linked but there is good stuff on over screening in general.  It’s human nature to see x test show or find some awful result and thus think everyone should be screened with x test.  However, the minimal hazard, danger, damage, and financial cost are rarely properly considered.  Larger field X-ray screenings are common in dentistry since they can rarely turn up something bad but the reality is even small amounts of radiation does eventfully cause cancer, especially in susceptible people.  Cancer screenings and some of the issues with them are discussed on the same site, in particular I like this article about screening without symptoms.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dental disinfection

Dental disinfection Protocols

PVS impression disinfection process


Model work disinfection process

A standard microwave works to disinfect model work without negative impact.  Disinfection time for a stone model at 600 W takes 3 minutes and sterilization occurs around 5 minutes at 900 W.   Bona GenDent 2017 Anaraki J Dent Res 2013  . In 1985 research first showed microwaves are an effective form of sterilization as long as the object rotates.


Intra-operative disinfection technque


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Monday, March 20, 2017

Your Wheaton Orthodontist Explains Accelerated Orthodontics

Your Wheaton Orthodontist Explains How Accelerated Orthodontics Work

Wheaton Orthodontist accelerated orthodonticsAre you considering getting braces?  If so, you’ve probably asked or wondered, “How long will my braces have to stay on?” Typically the answer is about one to three years, or longer. However, your Wheaton orthodontist Dr. Danielle offers accelerated orthodontics; a new, emerging treatment that significantly reduces treatment time.

What Is Accelerated Orthodontics?

Accelerated orthodontics is a treatment that doesn’t replace traditional orthodontics, such as braces or invisalign; it makes the traditional treatment process faster.  In some cases it requires the daily use of a convenient device and in other cases it requires a minor procedure.

We Use Two Different Accelerated Orthodontics Systems


Propel comes in 2 forms: a small, handheld device with a mouthpiece that delivers micropulses to the teeth to initiate bone growth, OR a small device that creates micro-perforations in the bone, both make the teeth move faster. Patients only need to bite down on the mouthpiece for 5-10 minutes a day.  The micro-perforations are done in the office by Dr. Danielle and take 10-15 minutes to complete.  It works with both traditional braces or invisalign. Users may reduce their time by up to 50%!  Sometimes teeth are very stubborn & just do not move as quickly, so the Prople micro-perforations are a great adjunct to those difficult areas!

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics:

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics, or AOO, also accelerates your orthodontic treatment up to 4 times and works with either braces or invisalign. AOO is a minor, in-office procedure that stimulates bone density and growth during treatment, often reducing your treatment time to four to ten months. This treatment is great for patients with compromised bone tissue who may not have otherwise been able to tolerate traditional braces.  This is typically done by an oral surgeon or periodontist.

Speak to your Wheaton orthodontist about which system is right for you.

The Benefits Of Accelerated Treatment for Orthodontics

There are many benefits to using one of our methods of accelerated orthodontics. Here are a just a few of those benefits:

  • The most obvious benefit is that treatment time is less, thus you are in treatment for less time. This is especially important for adult professionals who may not want to wear braces for very long.
  • These treatments work with any kind of braces–metal, white or clear ceramic, lingual or even with invisalign.
  • It increases bone and tooth density. If you are losing bone or tooth density for any reason, accelerated orthodontics will not only shorten your treatment, but it will increase tissue density, as well.
  • Both methods are fast and easy. Whether you chose to use a device for 10 minutes each day, or opt for a short, in-patient procedure, treatment requires a very small investment of your time.

Am I A Good Candidate For Accelerated Orthodontics?

Although this is a new field, there are no real adverse affects if the treatments are done properly. Accelerated orthodontics is great for children, adolescents and adults alike. However, there are a few factors that exclude someone from being an accelerated orthodontics candidate.

  • If you’re sensitive to frequent adjustments. Because your teeth will be moving faster, you will need more frequent adjustments. If you do not handle adjustments well, you may not respond well to accelerated orthodontics.
  • Your type of malocclusion may exclude you. Some types of malocclusions are less compatible than others for this treatment. Discuss with your Wheaton orthodontist to find out if you would be good for this.
  • Because accelerated orthodontics is such a new and innovative field, your insurance may not fully cover the procedure. Speak to our skilled office staff to see what insurance benefits you have.

Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics Holds The Key To Your New Smile!

Have you been thinking of braces, but you don’t want a two to three year commitment? Speak with Wheaton and Glen Ellyn’s only Board certified orthodontist, Danielle Bauer at Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics. She can discuss the process of accelerated orthodontics and help you to make the appointment that will change your smile forever.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Money Saving Solution to a Dental Implant

Looking to fix a broken tooth that “needs” a dental implant but not wanting to spend the money? Here’s a great, cost savvy solution!

Elizabeth came into the office with a fractured front tooth. After falling ice skating, her tooth had broken at the gum line. After consulting with a few dentists about options and only receiving the advice of getting a dental implant, Elizabeth was in desperate search of a money saving solution to her problem. She came into Dr. Bauer for advice; he had the solution of extracting the root of the tooth from the gums and pulling the tooth down so there would be a larger surface to place a crown on.  This procedure is known as the surgical extrusion technique and is great for some teeth that are healthy but broken off at the gumline.

Elizabeth was thrilled with this idea!  Not only would it save money and time, but it would look natural and feel like her real tooth! After a few appointments, Elizabeth was able to walk away smiling with a new crown placed on her front tooth! She is ecstatic about her new smile and about the money she saved by deciding to go with Dr. Bauer’s treatment plan!

cheap alternative to dental implant

In the final photo you can see Elizabeth’s front tooth is fixed and she is very happy with the results! The natural looking crown was the perfect solution to her fractured tooth! If you have a similar problem and are looking for a cost effective solution that will stand the test of time, this could be an ideal procedure for you! Give us a call today to set up an appointment!

 How can you find out if you are candidate for this dental implant alternative?

Call today to make an appointment and find out if you are a candidate for this technique!  We will take one x-ray and complete an examination to check the tooth.   If the remaining portion of the tooth is in good health, the surgical extrusion technique may be for you!

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