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Botox Treatment in Dentistry and Orthodontics

Botox Treatment in Dentistry and Orthodontics

When you hear Botox, you most likely think of the many esthetic purposes people use it for. What goes unknown to a lot of people is that it offers a variety of other benefits, especially in the field of Dentistry. Dentists are ideal doctors to deliver Botox because of the training they get with facial anatomy, structure, nerves, and muscles.  It makes sense that they would be the field to administer Botox for pain treatment or esthetics.

Botox has shown the ability to greatly reduce pain by relaxing the muscles. It was first approved by the FDA in 1989 for the treatment of strabismus and blepharospasm in adults, and later on Botox was approved for cosmetic purposes such as smoothing wrinkles and treating forehead asymmetry.

What do we use Botox Treatment for?

Botox has shown to be effective for a variety of purposes. In the world of Dentistry and Orthodontics, we primarily use it for pain management. Botox can treat pain that originates from muscles and it is beneficial in finding the source of your pain. Botox was approved for treatment of chronic migraines in 2010 and is also used to reduce teeth clenching and grinding, allowing you to avoid What is Botox Treatment in Dentistry and Orthodonticswearing splints. We also use it for a variety of other dental applications such as:

  • Pursed or puckered lips
  • Upside-down smiles
  • Overly recessive lips
  • Blepharospasms
  • Cervical Dystonia
  • Other headache pains due to muscle tension
  • And more

How Does a Botox Treatment Work?

Botox is a safe treatment and it helps relieve pain and reduces wrinkles by blocking nerve activity and it causes your muscles to relax. If we administer Botox in higher doses, it can completely inactivate the muscles. It acts only on nerve endings by blocking the signal for muscle movement.

Your Botox treatment will last 3-4 months and after that your muscles will begin to resume their usual activity. Your activity level and your biochemistry determine how quickly activity returns. The treatment its will take roughly 15 to 20 minutes. Discussing what you want to accomplish with your Botox treatment will take 10 to 15 minutes and 5 minutes to administer the Botox. For the best results we recommend to get treatment every 4 to 6 months.

Side-Effects of Botox

The side-effects that come with a Botox treatment are relatively small. Roughly 3% of patients will experience eyelid drooping and 1% will experience eyelid swelling. Some of the other side-effects may consist of dry-mouth, discomfort or pain at the injection site, tiredness, headache, neck pain, double vision, blurred vision, and possible allergic reactions. There are more side-effects, but you will discuss those with your dentist or orthodontist before your Botox treatment.

Botox Treatment with Bauer Smiles in Wheaton

If you are experiencing the symptoms previously described or are interested in seeing what a Botox treatment can do for you, call today at 630-665-5550.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Biohorizons PEEK abutment seated

Looking to see if your Biohorizons PEEK temporary abutment is seated on your x-ray?

Is your Biohorizons PEEK abutment seated? Biohorizons PEEK temporary abutment is radiolucent thus it does not show on you x-ray.  This makes it tough to know if it is fully down. Unfortunately, there is no website in existence like What Implant is That to identify if components are all the way down.

Why is it hard to know if the Biohorizons PEEK temporary abutment is fully seated?

Is that Biohorizons PEEK abutment seated? I personally struggle with this because the PEEK temporary abutment is often deep, making it impossible to see clinically. I most often use them in immediate placement situations, therefore the surgical site is bloody and the implant tends to be deeper than where I would normally place it. The chances of an abutment not seating increases with depth of placement. This happens because the deeper the dental implant the more likely either bone or tissue will hold it up.

Examples of different PEEK temporary abutment x-rays on Biohorizon dental implants.

This first one is the contour healer and has a shape that creates a more natural emergence for your custom abutment. They are nice but the depth of the dental implant needs to be close to ideal. Furthermore, there can not be very much bone loss or the bone loss must be uniform. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how you could possibly know that you have this fully seated.

Xray image of Biohorizons PEEK contour healer

Is this Biohorizons PEEK abutment seated?

Again another Biohorizons PEEK abutment seated on an immediate case. I like to show this case because the implant is deep. The dental implant is at the buccal bone level, which is lower due to bone loss from a root fracture. I expect some bone loss on this but probably not to the height of the implant. It is tricky to know the correct depth when there is asymmetric bone loss like this and it’s even trickier to know if the PEEK abutment is down. I should have gone with Ti abutment like below as that would have been much easier.

Xray of Biohorizons PEEK abutment seated


What does the Biohorizons titanium temporary abutment look like seated?

Well since it is titanium it is a lot easier to see but can still be confusing. Below is an image of a Biohorizons titanium temporary abutment with the patient’s existing PFM as a temporary crown. This is an immediate extraction and immediate temporization situation.

Image of Biohorizons titanium temporary abutment seated on xray

Tricks to seating a PEEK abutment

  1. Don’t use PEEK when you don’t need it. Use titanium temporary dental implant abutments.
  2. Use a Profile drill system, I believe all implant systems have them. A profile drill will help ensure that you are able to fully seat an abutment since it removes excess bone and tissue.
  3. Know your system.
  4. Take an x-ray of the PEEK abutment on a dental implant not in the mouth.
  5. Use a radioopaque PEEK material (or coating), like Glidewell does.
  6. There are some technique sensitive tricks to making your PEEK radioopaque.

To learn more about PEEK material check out our PEEK post! If you are unsure about the seating of your dental implant PEEK abutment I recommend posting on DT or a facebook group. Someone will know and be willing to help you. My experience is people on these sites are willing to help but you may need thick skin. If you ask nicely and do not act cocky, people will hep you! No one is perfect and critical comments will only make you better.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Advantages of Dental Implants

Advantages of Dental Implants

Advantages of dental implants are fairly well known to dentists but the average patient may not know them. If you lost a tooth years ago, that tooth likely has a bridge or denture. Today, there are other options you can pursue and one of those options, is dental implants. Dental implants are metal screws or frames that we place in your jawbone through surgery. They essentially replace your tooth root and Advantages of dental implantsallow for a tooth or teeth to attach to them, thus replacing your missing tooth.

Implants provide a solid foundation for replacement teeth and can have a very natural look to them. Dental implants also provide functionality similar to your original teeth and they feel almost completely natural. We also expect dental implants to really last. The longevity of a dental bridge and a dental implant may be close to the same in the research but if a dental bridge fails it takes another tooth with it.

Dental implants provide a higher sense of confidence on many levels. They look and feel more natural so it won’t feel or look as if you have something artificial in your mouth. Also those around won’t be able to notice a difference. You don’t have to worry about your implants falling out like bridges or dentures, which can bring on replacement costs and happen at inopportune times. These implants also help maintain the shape of your face by maintaining your current bone levels.

Types of Dental Implant Solutions

There is a wide array of dental implant solutions available. Some of the options even incorporate previously more common methods of replacing missing teeth.

All on 4 This is a dental implant solution that incorporates dentures and only your dentist can remove it. The name All on 4 comes from the fact that the solution utilizes 4 implants, however, we often use more. The name stuck because it is catchy. All on 4 attaches the denture to the implants, but still utilizes am acrylic denture and acrylic teeth.

Single Dental Implant – If you are missing one tooth, this is most likely the best option for you. These implants will help you regain your natural look and you will notice little to no difference when chewing, speaking, and smiling.

Implant Supported Dentures This is the most likely option to pursue if you are missing most of your teeth. There are many sub categories in this option. There are fixed full-arch implant supported bridges, implant supported dentures or All on 4, then there is implant supported overdenture and telescopic prosthesis.

Advantages of dental implants at Bauer Dentistry

If you are interested in knowing more about the advantages of dental implants please call. If you know you need dental implants but still have questions our would like more information about the available options and the details pertaining to each type of implant solution, contact us today at 630-665-5550.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Magic mouthwash

Magic mouthwash or miracle mouthwash

Magic mouthwash is an umbrella term for a compounded mouthwash that doctors use to treat mouth sores.  The term miracle mouthwash is one we commonly use as well. Most often someone will use them during chemo treatment if they develop mouth sores or if they have a medical condition or disease that causes severe mouth sores. If sores are from an ill fitting denture please fix the denture.

What is in magic mouthwash?

There are many formulations for miracle mouthwash, and different will use slightly different formulations. The most common recipe is equal parts of Benadryl, Maalox, and lidocaine. However some versions also include tetracycline (to prevent secondary bacterial infection), a corticosteroid (to reduce inflammation), or nystatin (to treat or prevent fungal infection).

What is in a pediatric version of magic mouthwash?

Since patients do not swallow this the dose for pediatrics and adults is the same. Although, if the 5ml is too much for them to rinse with just lower the amount that they use each time.

How do you use miracle mouthwash?

Swish and spit 5 ml 3-4 times a day is the normal dose. Typically you will rinse for about 1 minute with the solution.

Interested in making homemade Magic Mouthwash or Magic mouthwash OTC?

All you need is equal parts of liquid benadryl and maalox.  If you are trying to make this without a prescription, use ibuprofen in place of lidocaine since you can only get lidocaine by prescription.

What are the alternatives to Magic or miracle mouthwash

We have found some of our patients actually prefer Rincinol over the magic/miracle mouthwash. Rincinol is basically aloe vera extract mouth rinse which comes in small liquid packages or bottles. We have patients use it 2-10 times a day, they will take half the package and swish for 1 minute and spit it out. It is not harmful if someone swallows some on accident. however the idea is to not swallow any.

Magic mouthwash alternative

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Orthodontic treatment and quality of life

Orthodontic Research

This is a collection of orthodontic research that we find interesting.

Does orthodontic treatment impact your quality of life?  YES!!

Well common sense might tell you that a more attractive smile will likely help you in similar ways that other things that make you attractive do.  Self-esteem and self-confidence, for better or worse, are closely tied to our perception of our appearance.  There are, however, people that study these quality of life type questions and they have found that indeed orthodontic treatment does have a minor positive impact on quality of life.   Gilchrist EBD 2015


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New Translucent Zirconia Crowns

New Translucent Zirconia Crowns

New translucent zirconia crowns are arguably the best material to come along since white dental composites. They are very strong and for back teeth are very natural looking.

Sean’s new translucent zirconia crown

Are you in need of a dental crown but afraid that it will not look natural? This can be a scare to some patients, however Dr. Bauer utilizes translucent zirconia crowns that allow the tooth to look perfectly in place.

Sean had come into the office in search of a cost effective fix for his rotted molar, without having to extract the entire tooth. As Dr. Bauer and Sean discussed options, they had concluded that a new zirconia crown would be the perfect solution. A natural looking, yet strong zirconia crown was placed on the tooth. Sean is ecstatic with the results and so are we!

New Translucent Zirconia Crowns

What do new translucent zirconia crowns cost?

the material is actually cheaper than other materials that we use to fabricate dental crowns so the cost is the same as other dental crowns and less than gold crowns. In our office the fee is around $1500 for a dental crown. The fee that you pay will depend on several factors, one being where you live. To find out the approximate cost in your zip code you can check out fair health consumer website and type in dental code D2940.

What are the steps for new translucent zirconia crowns?

The first step is to prepare the tooth for a dental crown and take an impression of the tooth. The tooth will have a temporary dental crown while the dental laboratory fabricates the zirconia crown. A few weeks later you return and we cement the zirconia crown on.

If you are in need of a crown that looks natural as well as strong, a new translucent zirconia crown could be the ideal option for you. Call Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics to set up a consult and to see if this option will work best for you!

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Invisalign cost

What does Invisalign cost near me?

Invisalign cost estimate and Invisalign cost vs braces are the two most popular financial questions that we hear at Bauer Smiles.

What does Invisalign cost vs braces?

The cost of Invisalign is usually more than the cost of traditional braces. This is due to the fact that the Invisalign company has to make money in addition to your orthodontist.

Live in the western burbs? Call 630-665-5550 for a consult with Board certified orthodontist Dr. Danielle!

invisalign cost estimate

What determines the Invisalign cost?

First of all the cost is primarily a factor of how much improvement your smile needs. If you have a minor case then the cost is less. Another factor is where you live, with expensive cities costing more than rural areas. Also the experience of the doctor providing your care will influence the price, dentists with less experience charge less and an orthodontist will typically cost more. Since the doctor determines all of the treatment steps often you get what you pay for. As Ben Franklin says, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.

What are some factors that impact the cost of Invisalign?

Where you live, the amount of time it will take to treat you and the experience of the doctor are the main factors. More specifically there are some dental issues that are much harder to treat with Invisalign than others. Severe crowding and severe bite issues are very difficult if not impossible to treat well with Invisalign alone, therefore if we are capable of treating something like that with Invisalign the cost will be much higher.

What does Invisalign cost near me?

What does Invisalign cost near me? is a common question we see online. If you are in the Chicagoland area then your costs are likely similar to what they are in our Wheaton, IL office. We charge about $3,500 for a short treatment time and $6-7,000 for a full treatment in 2017. If you are searching the term Invisalign cost near me and are not in Chicagoland you can do to fair health consumer and type in dental code D8080 for a child or D8090 for an adult to get an idea of the cost of traditional braces. The Invisalign cost near you will be very close to the fee that you find there.

invisalign cost near me


Can I get an Invisalign cost estimate?

When you come in to see Dr. Danielle, we will be able to give you an Invisalign cost estimate. Your Invisalign cost estimate will include a down payment and a monthly payment. The Invisalign cost estimate is lower if you pay for the entire treatment in full.

How about Invisalign insurance cost estimate?

Have insurance and want an Invisalign insurance cost estimate? No problem, simply come in for your consult and we can get you a breakdown of costs with your insurance. Without even knowing anything about your insurance we can guess what your Invisalign cost insurance estimate will be, because most insurance plans that have an orthodontic plan will cover about $1-2,000.

How can you afford to pay for Invisalign?

We offer convenient payment plans that can meet most budgets. There are also financing plans available through our office that utilize the Lending Club. If a straighter smile is what you want then we want to help you make it happen! Give us a call today at 630-665-5550!


Dr. Danielle Bauer is a board certified orthodontist practicing in Wheaton, IL. She is a mother of 4 and lives in Wheaton.

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