Thursday, June 30, 2016

Broken bridge repair

Have a broken bridge?  Rather have it repaired than replaced?

In need of broken bridge repair?

Ok.  That can be a very cost effective option.  Alex had broken one of the porcelain teeth from his bridge.  He did not want to have to replace all 4 teeth that the bridge was attached to.  To do so would cost 4x as much.  Replacing bridges also increase the risk of root canals being needed on the other teeth.  He met with Dr. Bauer and they discussed his options.

We decided to do a slip crown on the tooth that was broken, essentially a crown placed on the bridge.  The results were great.  This was a very cost effective way to manage an issue where esthetics mattered but the cost of redoing everything was prohibitive.

broken bridge repair

If you have broken a bridge and are hoping to find a cost effective treatment without replacement, perhaps this option will work with you.  Give us a call and we can have you come in and take a look at your bridge and see if this will work on your bridge.

How do we do a broken bridge repair?

It is often a 2 visit procedure.  At the first visit we shape the area that is broken and an impression is taken of the area.  The are will be temporized with a plastic mock up version of the crown.  Two weeks later you will return and the plastic temporary version is removed.  The final porcelain crown is tried in and then cemented on.  This is designed to stay on for the rest of your life.  However, the same things that caused the bridge to break can also cause the crown to break.

How much does a broken bridge repair cost?

It usually costs about the same or a little more than a single dental crown.  You can find this cost for your zip-code by typing in the dental code for a crown D2740 or searching for dental crown at fair health consumer website.  Our current fee for this in 2016 is about $1400.

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