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Clear aligners for teeth

Are you looking for clear aligners for teeth?

Clear aligners for teeth are a series of plastic trays that move your teeth in small intervals.

How do clear aligners for teeth work?

The aligners work by moving your teeth at small intervals. Each new tray will be very slightly closer to the ideal position of where we want your teeth. When we place a new aligner in your mouth it will be tight and as your teeth shift to fit into the new tray the aligner is no longer tight.

What are the steps to get your clear aligners?

First thing is you want to get a consult with a Board Certified Orthodontist. It is important to know whether or not you are a good candidate for clear aligners before starting. Depending on the complexity of your case and how perfect you want your teeth some professionals may not be able to accomplish this with only aligners or it may be impossible to meet your needs with just aligners. After the orthodontist tells you that you are a good candidate for clear aligners then a digital impression is taken of your teeth. A traditional impression may also be taken, but most offices that provide aligner orthodontics use a digital system. The expertise of your orthodontist takes over after the impressions are complete.

The orthodontist designs your trays to get to the result that you want. After the orthodontist approves the design, they use 3D printing technology to fabricate the aligner. Some systems 3D print models of your teeth every step of the way and then fabricate an aligner over the top of that. In our office we have a 3D printer but only use it for very minimal movement cases. Once clear aligners for teeth are in the office, you return to receive the first aligner. To be effective there is often small “buttons” of composite that we place on some of the teeth to help them move. Depending on whether you are doing accelerated orthodontics or regular clear aligners you will wear your aligners for 1-2 weeks. It is critical that you actually wear the aligners at all times, except eating.

How do we make clear aligners for teeth?

A professional 3rd party company 3D prints either the aligners or models of your teeth. If they are made in our office, we 3D print models of what we expect your teeth to look like after each aligner and then make a clear plastic aligner to fit that model.

Clear aligners for teeth

3D printer in our office

What are the options for clear aligners for teeth?

Currently the biggest name in clear aligner orthodontics is Invisalign. Other options include Clear Correct and in office 3D printing. Our belief is that in a few years most clear aligners will either be made in your orthodontist’s office on their own 3D printer or in a local orthodontic lab.

Why would someone choose clear aligners over traditional braces?

The main reasons to choose clear aligners instead of traditional braces is for better oral hygiene and the ability to remove for short period of times. If you give presentations or speak for a living, then clear aligners may be the choice for you.

Problems with clear aligners for teeth.

  1. People often complain about the buttons. It does not seem to matter how much we discuss this before hand, until they are on some people do not seem to get the idea.
  2. A tray bending upon inserting. Once bent the tray will not fit and often requires the orthodontist to adjust.
  3. Poor design. Probably the biggest major problem seen nationwide but tends to occur to those with less experience working with clear aligners.
  4. Certain foods staining the aligners. Tomato sauce, many Indian sauces, and wine will all stain the plastic and look unattractive until you change trays. This “problem” results from not following the rules of not eating with aligners in.



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